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    We are looking for research collaboration that can contribute to the generation of new products. Our goal: to generate candidate products into development. We look for mutually beneficial partnerships where the combination of your specific know-how and our internal capabilities and historical expertise can accelerate the discovery of new treatments for patients. By collaborating with us, you will have access to our compounds library where you can test your biological molecules to create new drugs.


    A multi-year collaboration between Sanofi, Sanofi-Pasteur and the independent biotechnology company Pieris

    Anticalins are a novel generation of targeted therapeutics. They have the potential to overcome some of the constraints of monoclonal antibodies, thereby allowing new therapeutic approaches. This agreement allows Pieris to apply its proprietary Anticalin technology in order to discover novel Anticalin drugs against multiple targets. With this Anticalin technology, Sanofi will be able to take a more comprehensive approach to developing targeted therapeutics, as it believes the Anticalin technology complements its existing portfolio of more conventional technologies.


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