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    Why we want to be a major partner of the European biotechnology industry?

    We are strongly committed to support the biotechnology companies in Europe, as we are convinced they are essential to ensure the sustainability of our activity. We explore all partnerships with biotechnology companies, but put a specific emphasis on companies developing:

    • monoclonal antibody;
    • therapeutic proteins produced, fermentation and mammalian cells culture, extraction and purification;
    • biological used in the field of gene therapy and immunotherapy. These viral vectors are a promising class for the treatment of life threatening diseases and about to improve the quality of life of patients suffering of unmet medical needs.

    Sanofi and Transgene: a long term innovative collaboration for the production of immunotherapy treatments

    In March 2013, Sanofi and Transgene, a biopharmaceutical subsidiary of the Mérieux Institute, announced a strategic collaboration agreement for the creation of a state-of-the-Art industrial platform dedicated to the production of immunotherapy products including Transgene’s therapeutic products. Located on Genzyme Polyclonals site in Lyon, the new platform will remain Sanofi’s exclusive property but will be available for Transgene and potentially other customers.

    Acting as Transgene’s Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO), Sanofi and Genzyme will manufacture clinical and commercial batches of drugs substance of Trangene’s immunotherapy products. Transgene will be a preferred customer of the commercial manufacturing platform for 15 years. Thanks to this industrial collaboration, Sanofi will be able to produce a new class of APIs (viral vectors) to support clinical studies and commercial needs, both for external and in-house needs. "Transgene is extremely pleased to announce this agreement with Sanofi. It combines the solid expertise of recognized experts and pioneers of gene therapy and vaccines", said Philippe Archinard, CEO of Transgene. "This collaboration will ensure the commercial production of Transgene in the long term and allow us to focus our resources on the development and marketing of our products."


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