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Investors - Ensuring sustainable growth
Investors - Ensuring sustainable growth


Ensuring sustainable growth

Shareholder Events

Sanofi informs you about its business on the occasion of results’ presentations and general meetings. Beyond this, we regularly organize shareholder meetings to give you the opportunity to find out more about the company and to ask your questions to the Sanofi management.


You will find below the dates of our 2017 events. As some dates might change, check them regularly or subscribe to our e-mail alert.


2017 Sanofi shareholder calendar

2017 events calendar
DateCorporate eventsAdd to calendar
February 8, 2017Q4 and Full Year 2016 Results 
March 15, 2017Shareholder meeting in Lille 
April 28, 2017First quarter results 2017 
May 10, 2017Annual General Meeting 
May 16, 2017Ex-dividend date 
May 17, 2017Record date 
May 18, 2017Payment date 
June 7, 2017Shareholder meeting in Nice 
June 13, 2017Shareholder meeting in Versailles 
June 26, 2017Shareholder meeting in Bordeaux 
July 31, 2017Second quarter results 2017Download
September 19, 2017Shareholder meeting in StrasbourgDownload
October 2, 2017Shareholder meeting in LyonDownload
November 2, 2017Third quarter results 2017Download
November 23-24, 2017Actionaria 2017Download
December 14, 2017Shareholder meeting in RouenDownload



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