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Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions


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Preventing and treating

We, at Sanofi, are dedicated to make a difference on people daily life, wherever they live and enable them to enjoy a healthier life.

From prevention to treatment, we transform scientific innovation into healthcare solutions in human vaccines, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, oncology, rare diseases, multiple sclerosis as well as consumer healthcare.



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With the exception of clean, safe drinking water, no human endeavor rivals immunization in combating infectious diseases and reducing mortality rates. Our vaccines prevent 20 infectious diseases, protecting more than 500 million people every year.



Access to Diabetes page

To help Irene to better manage diabetes, we are committed to deliver integrated care solutions and medical devices.


Cardiovascular diseases

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Koki is suffering a cardiovascular disease like 17 million people worldwide. To address this public health challenge, we have developed treatments for conditions such as hypertension and thrombosis and hypercholesterolemia.



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Personalized medicine or immuno-oncology open new hopes for patients suffering from cancer as Gérard. We are dedicated to devise groundbreaking treatments to address patients' needs.


Rare Diseases

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Gaucher disease treatment has transformed Francisco’s life. We work since decades to deliver to patients targeted therapies for several rare diseases previously untreatable.


Multiple Sclerosis

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Like Shani, 2.5 million people are living with multiple sclerosis worldwide. For them, we have worked for over a decade to develop new treatments for multiple sclerosis.


Consumer Healthcare

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Self-care contributes significantly to better health. This is why we're committed to providing consumers with self-care solutions that empower them to better manage their personal health and to enhance their personal wellbeing.



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Generic medicines are effective and affordable therapies permitting to protect the largest number of patients. We operate worldwide using strong generics brands like Zentiva, Medley, Genfar, Winthrop and Globalpharma.