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Climate change and health

Dengue patrol program

More frequent outbreaks of dengue fever are already being attributed to climate change. The year 2015 was characterized by large dengue outbreaks worldwide in particular in Malaysia and in the Philippines. Thus, in Malaysia, there is one dengue patient every 3 minutes. The rate has never been this high.

Sanofi Pasteur together with Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health in Malaysia introduced in 2011 the “Dengue Patrol” Program in primary schools located in dengue hotspots. Key objective of the program aimed to educate schoolchildren against dengue and empowered them to take action in dengue prevention activities both at home and at school.

As of 2016, more than 250 primary and secondary schools (e.g. more than 12,500 students) were educated against dengue and empowered to take action in dengue prevention activities.