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Sanofi Egypt: "United For Healthier Kids” update

July 07, 2017

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United For Healthier Kids is a movement whose objectives is to help parents raise healthier & happier kids by encouraging healthy eating, drinking and lifestyle habits for children aged 0-12 years.

Five behaviors are targeted to ensure a healthier lifestyle: MORE Water, MORE Fruits & Vegetables, MORE Managed Portions, MORE Movement and to Feed your baby like a baby.


The program aims to prevent malnutrition and promote a healthier lifestyle through instilling the right behaviors of good nutrition with respect to household food availability and use.

Sanofi Egypt signed a three-year partnership in April 2016 with the Egyptian Ministry of Solidarity, Nestle, ABB & National Research Center in order to conduct the National Social Movement “United For Healthier Kids” (U4HK) project in Egypt.

This partnership has become an integral part of the Takafol & Karama, a national high priority program to achieve the same “equality of opportunity” for everyone in the field of healthcare to all Egyptians, irrespective of income, gender, or geographic location.

One year after signing the partnership, some major results:

  • In 2016, 8.5 Million people were reached by awareness campaigns. U4HK sponsored 24 radio sessions in 2017, with eminent doctors. In 2017, 10 % of the target was reached through TV Airing.
  • The campaign is also using digital social media and the Facebook page community has reached more than 144,000 followers. The website page is getting interactive, with the superhero Fruits and Veggies online games, pushing for a healthy eating lifestyle.
    The official website:
  • In addition, YouTube videos addressing the 5 behaviors that parents should adopt for their children are available.