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Sanofi Middle-East awarded for its Corporate Responsibility

January 24, 2017

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Sanofi was awarded “Corporate Sustainability Team of the Year Healthcare Middle East” during the 6th Annual IAIR Awards ceremony held in Dubai last December. AIR AWARDS® is one of the world's leading ranking systems and hosts award ceremonies in Excellence in Innovation & Leadership.

Sanofi was recognized for its contribution to improving the living conditions of many people by responding to the needs of patients.

This award reflects Sanofi’s efforts to contribute to access to healthcare in Middle-East through programs that address local public health needs. For instance, in Middle-East and North Africa, an estimated 60,000 children have type 1 diabetes. That is why the ‘Kids and Diabetes in Schools’ (KiDS) program was recently launched in the United Arab Emirates, under the auspices of the Ministry of Health & Prevention and the Ministry of Education. The objectives of the program are to target school communities in order to raise awareness about type 1 diabetes, provide better diabetes pediatric care, and improve eating habits in order to prevent obesity.

Other programs are also being conducted in Saudi Arabia in cooperation with health authorities, to strengthen the healthcare system with dedicated initiatives.