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Mental health – an underestimated public health challenge

Around 450 million people in the world suffer from mental disorders1. In developing countries, around 80% of these people go untreated2. They are often rejected, excluded, and sometimes even chained up. Poor understanding of the diseases, inadequate training of healthcare professionals and poor access to medicines represent major barriers to access to care.

Sanofi’s pioneering commitment

Since 2006, Sanofi has been one of the first healthcare companies to develop specific programmes to improve access to mental healthcare in developing countries.

Our priorities:

  • To bring together the various stakeholders involved in mental health (public, private, NGOs, universities)
  • To raise awareness among population and fight stigma
  • To train healthcare professionals
  • To make medicines accessible to the most disadvantaged patients

We have joined forces with the World Association of Social Psychiatry (WASP).


Discover the video For better mental health care in Madagascar:


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