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Business Ethics

Responsible Procurement

In 2016, Sanofi joined the Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative, thereby becoming the first French-based healthcare company to become part of this growing collective supporting sustainable supply chains based on established principles, such as the UN Global Compact and the Responsible Care Global Charter®.

This initiative gives us access to a large shared platform of supplier assessments and audits (operated by EcoVadis) and the opportunity to share best practices with our peers.

473 supplier assessments since 2014


Medical Ethics & Bioethics

Our efforts to further improve in this regard continue every year, and 2016 included the following:

  • informed Consent Form: improved template to be used in clinical trials;
  • animal use in research and drug and vaccine production:
    Use of animals for scientific purposes poses challenges for the scientists who use animals in medical research, and for society as a whole. The current consensus is that using animals for research and production is justified when there are clear benefits for human health and when the 3Rs principles (replacement, reduction and refinement of animal use) are applied.
    To know more:  Sanofi Animal Protection Charter + Animal Protection factsheet


10% decrease in animals used through improvement or development of new techniques in the last 2 years.