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At Sanofi we believe in close relationships with our stakeholders. This engagement reflects our commitment to address clear trends in civil society: calls for greater transparency and ethics, and community involvement. It is also a key pillar in implementing our strategic roadmap, reflecting the close links between stakeholder expectations and business activities.


International stakeholder committee

In 2016 Sanofi launched the International Stakeholder Committee. It aims to discuss the key topics impacting Sanofi and work with stakeholders on concrete action.

This committee is made up of around forty people representing the Company’s different external stakeholders (NGOs, patients’ associations, official bodies, healthcare professionals, researchers, business and finance professionals, trade unions, the media).

Working groups focus on four priority subjects: access to healthcare, the price of innovation, Sanofi’s approach to R&D and its socio-economic footprint in the geographies where it does business.


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