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Partnering with Patient advocates and Groups (PAGs)

One of the ways Sanofi translates its commitment to focus on patients’ needs into reality is by partnering with patient advocates and groups over the world on mutual priorities that benefit patients.

Taking local needs of patient communities and different cultures into account, we partner with patient advocates and groups to enhance:

  • Patient Empowerment in their health – to help people take more control of their health through better prevention, disease management
  • Patient Empowerment in access and policy - to help provide patients with affordable and sustainable solutions that improve outcomes and to help ensure that patient needs are reflected in policy decisions.
  • Patient Empowerment in medical innovation - to bring deeper patient insights, encourage a supportive environment for innovation and accelerate new collaboration models that deliver innovative solutions which address true unmet patient needs.

When working together with patient advocates and groups, our behaviour is characterized by the spirit of partnership, mutual respect and trust, openness and transparency, with an overarching commitment to bring benefits to patients and their families in a sustainable fashion.

Recognizing the importance of transparency and its role in developing trust-based relationships with stakeholders, the public and, more importantly, patients, the Group decided to publish the amounts of support it provides to European-based patient groups for activities undertaken from 2010, prior to this becoming a mandatory requirement. Additional geographies, as well as amounts of support, were added from other continents for interactions from 2011, to further enhance the transparency of our activities on a voluntary basis.

Sanofi Interactions with Patient Groups

Our interactions with patient groups in 2016 may be viewed by selecting a consolidated list or a specific country:


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