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Our products - Giving new hope to patients with key therapeutic solutions
Our products - Giving new hope to patients with key therapeutic solutions

Our Products

Giving new hope to patients with key therapeutic solutions

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    An industrial network serving the patient

    Controlling the production chain: ensuring product safety for patients

    Sanofi’s integrated manufacturing reflects a long-standing policy to ensure improved product quality and distribution. The three main stages in the Group's production process are the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients, their transformation into medicines and packaging. The active ingredients (1) and main pharmaceuticals marketed by Sanofi are primarily developed and manufactured in-house in accordance with the Group’s general policy, to reduce dependence on external suppliers and to exercise strict and precise control over the entire chain. All Group pharmaceutical and vaccines production sites are GMP-compliant (Good Manufacturing Practices) in accordance with international recommendations.

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    Locating production sites to be closer to patients

    Through a balanced global presence between mature and emerging markets, Sanofi’s industrial network contributes to greater proximity to patients, enhancing the Group's ability to meet their needs.



    Production sites are organized on three levels:

    • Global sites produce for all markets. Located mainly in Europe, the plants are dedicated to the production of active ingredients, injectables and a number of principal solid form products.
    • Regional sites serve markets across a continent, in Europe and especially in the BRIC-M countries (Brazil, Mexico, India, China, Russia), illustrating Sanofi’s strong industrial presence in emerging markets.
    • Local sites are fully dedicated to their domestic market.

    This determination to remain close to patients is illustrated by a few examples:

    • The production of ASAQ Winthrop® in Morocco: an anti-malarial manufactured in the heart of Africa.



    • The production of AllStar® in India (Ankleshwar): an easy to use insulin injection pen produced locally that is affordable and accessible to a large population of Indian patients.
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    Diversification of activities to meet patients’ needs

    Sanofi seeks to be a diversified health partner protecting health, improving quality of life and helping to meet the health needs of the world’s seven billion people. The industrial network serves this objective, relying on its traditional expertise in chemistry and biochemistry while continuously adapting to biotechnology (2) developments capable of providing patients with innovative treatment solutions.

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    Product distribution: providing the patient with the right product at the right time in the right place

    The primary objective of distribution, the last link in the supply chain, is to ensure the physical delivery of Sanofi drugs from plants to patients. At the heart of the business, this cross-cutting activity is driven by the continuing effort to deliver the best performance, in terms of both service quality and competitiveness.





    1. Active ingredient: Molecule that is part of a drug’s composition and produces its medicinal properties. A pharmaceutical containing one or more active ingredients combines with one or more excipients.
    2. Biotechnology: Use of living organisms (e.g., bacteria or yeast) to create a molecule for therapeutic purposes, for example. These fermentation processes of genetically modified microorganisms or animal cell cultures enable complex compositions to be obtained following isolation and purification (insulin, monoclonal antibodies, protein extraction).
    3. Monoclonal antibodies: Antibodies artificially produced for binding to a target antigen. A monoclonal antibody is derived from a single cell of origin, called a hybridoma, which ensures that all antibodies from the cell are identical. Monoclonal antibodies are widely used in biology and medicine, both as diagnostic tools and for therapeutic purposes.

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