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To respond to the needs of the greatest possible number of patients throughout the world, Sanofi has intensified its strategy of diversification on the generics market.


Sanofi continues to strengthen its generic activities. This is particularly visible in Emerging Markets, with the acquisitions of:

  • Zentiva in central and eastern Europe
  • Kendrick in Mexico
  • Medley in Brazil

Since January 2011, in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal and the United Kingdom, Sanofi has decided upon the creation of a European platform under the Zentiva name that encompasses the generics activities of western and eastern Europe, Russia and Turkey.

Thus the generics companies Winthrop and Helvepharm in Europe are now operating under the Zentiva trade name.

In Japan, Sanofi has signed an agreement with Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., a rapidly growing company that leads the Japanese generics market.


1. For more information, please consult the Summaries of Product Characteristics for the products available in your country.


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