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Our products - Giving new hope to patients with key therapeutic solutions
Our products - Giving new hope to patients with key therapeutic solutions

Our Products

Giving new hope to patients with key therapeutic solutions

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    Middle area:

    Sanofi consumer healthcare: consumer at heart!

    Thanks to consumers who value our brands in all regions of the world, Sanofi is the fifth player of the global consumer healthcare market and the fastest growing company in this area1.


    In a world of restless change, the societal and economic challenges that await us in the future will only be met with a healthy population. And a healthy population begins with personal health!

    At Sanofi Consumer Healthcare we believe the best advocate you can have for your own health and well-being is yourself. That’s why we’re committed to providing consumers around the world with self-care solutions that empower them to better manage their personal health. Personal health is just that. Personal!    


    Consumer-driven and science-inspired innovation

    We place people at the very heart of everything we do through generating meaningful consumer-driven and science-inspired innovation based on key long-standing assets of our company:

    • our medical & scientific heritage and our continued trusted collaboration with healthcare professionals,
    • our proven capabilities in enabling consumer access via switching relevant prescription medicines to over-the-counter solutions,
    • our worldwide leading manufacturing network and its highest pharmaceutical quality standards.

    To get even closer to consumers’ needs, we have structured our product portfolio into six global categories: Allergy; Digestive health; Feminine Care; Cough, Cold, Flu & Sinus; Pain; and Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements. That means that, at any given moment, we may be providing allergy relief to a woman in Kentucky or in Mumbai, while relieving a man’s muscle pain in Moscow, Paris or Melbourne or helping someonelse with their digestive worries in Buenos-Aires or Beijing, to name just a few.



    Every day, the men and women who comprise Sanofi Consumer Healthcare work to protect health, enhance life and bring hope to people around the world. If people are at the heart of everything we do, it’s our people who, together with healthcare professionals, help make that possible.

    Our culture is one of consumer insights-driven innovation, collaboration, and dedication. We never give up. We do believe that, beyond healthcare solutions, what we offer is personal empowerment through self-care. A thriving population begins with personal health. And we are passionate about providing that to people around the world – every day!


    Some of our key brands (2)

    • Allergy: Allegra®, Nasacort®
      Allegra® is available without prescription in the USA ( since January 2011 and in Japan since November 2012
    • Digestive health: Maalox®, Essentiale®,Enterogermina®
    • Feminine care: Lactacyd®, Dermacyd®
    • Cough, cold, flu and sinus: Bronchicum®, Haowawa®,Rhinathiol®,
    • Pain: Doliprane®, Dorflex®, IcyHot® No-Spa®
    • Vitamins, Minerals and supplement: MagneB6®, Cenovis® Omnivit®, Trivance®, Calcium Corbiere®, 21SuperVita® , Nature’s Own®

    Consumer at heart!


    want to manage their

    Health & well-being

    Sanofi listens to their needs

    to create consumers-driven

    innovative solutions

    Our science-inspired solutions draw on 3 keys areas of expertise

    Medical & scientific heritage

    Skills at switching rx-to-otcs

    High quality manufacturing standards


    We provide healthcare professionals & consumers

    with healthcare solutions in the areas of :


    Digestive health

    Feminine care

    Cough cold flu & sinus


    Vitamins minerals & supplements




    1. Nicholas Hall, 2014
    2. These brands are not available in all countries

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