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    Innovative and experienced R&D

    Sanofi: committed to innovation

    Sanofi is focused on answering patients’ unmet needs, which naturally leads to innovation. The R&D pipeline reflects this strong commitment:

    • About 60% are “New Molecular Entities” (NME)
    • 53% of these products are Biologics and Vaccines

    Going forward, Sanofi is continuously scouting for partnering opportunities from different sources (Universities, Biotech companies, Research Centres, Specialty Pharmaceutical companies) who share an innovative spirit.


    A partnership culture

    Sanofi has demonstrated its ability to set up mutually beneficial partnerships with both private and public companies and institutions through numerous alliances around the world. Currently, more than a quarter of the compounds in the Sanofi's R&D portfolio come from external partnerships.


    Furthermore, with a wide diversity of talents dedicated to R&D on more than 20 sites throughout the world, the Sanofi Group has developed a strong multicultural network of renowned experts.


    Extensive knowledge of health authority requirements

    In today’s dynamic and increasingly challenging healthcare environment, the registration of innovative products has become extremely complicated. Our experts are experienced in complex development programs and have developed strong and sustained relationships with scientific networks worldwide, ensuring that Sanofi is well placed to successfully develop innovative products.



    Dr. Maya R. Said
    Vice President Strategy, Science Policy & External Innovation, Global R&D



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