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    Understanding science and discovering

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    Developing and marketing innovative solutions

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    Manufacturing and supply


    Develop new differentiating technologies

    We are open to all the opportunities to collaborate with partners that can help us develop or get access to critical or differentiating technologies. It could be a device, a test or a biomarker. In 2012, we collaborated with MIT (Massashussets Institute of Technology) to create an experimental device that delivers a small, high-pressure jet of medicine through the skin without requiring a needle. We joined forces to study the feasibility of using the technology for different diseases and in different injection sites on the body. Special emphasis was also put on optimizing the device in order to use it on humans, pets and farm animals.


    Epistem, partner in biomarker gene

    Our alliance with Epistem, the UK biotechnology and personalized medicine company, is another illustration of the type of technologies we are interested in. This three-year collaboration relates to their biomarker gene expression profiling and immunohistochemistry technologies. It aims to enhance discovery at Sanofi oncology programmes through clinical biomarkers.


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