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    Enable existing projects in our R&D pipeline

    We are interested in partners with a specific technology or know-how in order to advance or improve the existing compounds in our portfolio. We explore all types of partnerships that can help us to accelerate the development of applicable products.


    Sanofi and Massachusetts General Hospital combine their research efforts on Oncology

    The two-year agreement signed in October 2012 will contribute to further translational medicine re-search in order to develop new treatments for various types of hematological malignancies and solid tumors.

    The collaboration initially involved two early development molecules, both of which are viewed as promising approaches to developing new treatments for various types of advance tumors. To best develop these molecules, MGH and Sanofi share their scientific expertise, R&D capabilities and resources. “The research collaboration with MGH illustrates how we are leveraging these relationships in a translational and experimental medicine approach to drug discovery and clinical development. This collaboration combines and complements our collective understanding of complex disease, expertise in biological science, and deep knowledge of medicines to help accelerate delivery of treat-ments to patients with unmet medical needs” said Elias Zerhouni, MD., President, global R&D Sanofi.


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