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    Developing and marketing innovative solutions

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    New molecule licensing

    We are open to partnerships that can bring a specific compound to complement our development portfolio. Collaborate with us and you will benefit from our medical expertise at an operational level, including our understanding on regulations in the different markets thanks to our worldwide exposure. By working together, we can optimize the efficiency of a new compound on the human body.


    Sanofi and Regulus Pharmaceuticals form a miRNA discovery and development deal

    In 2010, Sanofi committed with Regulus, a biotechnology company totally devoted to miRNA. miRNA are believed to be extremely important in human development and physiology, as they are supposed to regulate the expression of about a third of all genes, offering a new approach to treating disease.

    This early stage partnership enables the development of therapeutics which could potentially open a new paradigm in the treatment of major diseases and offer an attractive new therapeutic approach for patients.


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