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  • Understanding science, discovering

    Understanding science and discovering

  • Developing and marketing innovative solutions

    Developing and marketing innovative solutions

  • Manufacturing and supply

    Manufacturing and supply


    What we can offer you as our partner?

    By working with us, you will be able to accelerate the development of your ideas and assets. We offer you our expertise and experience on developing, registering and bringing healthcare solutions to the market. As our partner, you share the costs and risks of developing products with us. Also, you have immediate access to:

    • our global partnership network - you have the opportunity to connect with world-renowned experts in science, industry, product development and marketing, etc.
    • our worldwide exposure – you benefit from our strong presence in Europe, Japan and North America, as well as in the fast-growing emerging markets of Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, in which we hold a number one position. You benefit from our relationships with local regulatory and marketing experts, and rely on us to show you the way through each region’s highly particular economic, cultural, healthcare and research environments.
    • our high-quality compounds collection – we hold a world-class collection of millions of compounds accumulated over the past 40 years. Your access to this compounds collection is a unique opportunity to add value to your target portfolios. We believe that exposing more compounds to more targets accelerates the development of therapeutic solutions.
    • our industrial base - you benefit from our global industrial network. Our ability to produce locally is a strong competitive advantage, enabling us to be closer to customers’ needs, to meet local regulations and to be more cost competitive.

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    From October 11 to October 13, 2017
    BIO Japan
    Japan, Yokohama

    From October 11 to October 14, 2017
    Deutscher Schmerzkongress
    Germany, Mannheim

    From October 17 to October 18, 2017
    BIO Investor Forum
    US, San Francisco

    From October 22 to October 25, 2017
    Licensing Executives Society
    US, Chicago