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    What we are looking for?

    Collaborations are essential to our strategic priority of reinforcing and enlarging our portfolio of developing products. We look for mutually beneficial collaborations: our goal is to leverage each other’s capabilities, expertise and resources to better address patients’ needs.

    We are open to all opportunities throughout all stages of a drug’s life, from early discovery to late-stage development and marketing. We look at products but also at technologies and at different therapeutic approaches.

    We are open to collaborations with any organization that shares our pioneering approach to new science and technology: academic centers, hospitals, biotechnology companies, research centers, pharmaceutical companies and others. We more particularly focus on 12 major therapeutic areas.

    12 therapeutic areas: Oncology, vaccines, diabetes, rare diseases, multiple sclerosis, immune-mediated diseases, cardiovascular, degenerative diseases of the erderly, ophtalmology, infectious diseases, animal health, others opportunities*  

    *Tissue protection and repair, pain, sensory disorders and neglected infectious diseases


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