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    How we identify our partners and manage our partnerships?

    The success of our partnerships depends partly on our ability to identify our partners, and monitor our relationship. We go through three steps to form a new partnership agreement.

    Opportunity identification

    We draw up a list of opportunity targets that meet our needs and contact the potential partners thus identified. We then carefully study the quality of the opportunity, the product’s translational and scientific properties as well as its competitive positioning.


    Evaluation and negotiation

    Everything starts with a first assessment phase. Then we sign a Confidential Disclosure Agreement to further assess the opportunity. Next comes Due Diligence. In this deep audit phase we do a complete analysis of our opportunity in order to confirm or modify our initial evaluation. If our interest is confirmed, we then enter a final negotiation stage securing all and every aspects of our future collaboration.


    Alliance Management

    This phase is crucial to ensure the success of a deep and long-lasting partnership. Because we at Sanofi are convinced that alliances must be optimized and growth opportunities must be leveraged to the maximum, we have created a dedicated Alliance Management structure. Overseeing the partnerships after the execution of a deal, Alliance Management aims to achieve the alliance’s strategic and financial objectives, and so maximize the benefits for both parties. Dedicated teams work with partners throughout the life cycle of the alliance. These teams ensure expertise sharing and best practice implementation. They also promote fairness for all concerned parties and focus on bringing a culture of trust, adaptability and transparency in order to build and maintain successful partnerships that transform innovation into patient value.


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