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“Beware of fake drugs!”
The Sanofi information campaign for Air France passengers


November 30, 2012


Because fake drugs are a real danger to health, Sanofi is launching an information campaign on counterfeiting to raise awareness among travelers about the dangers of counterfeit medicines and the best way to protect themselves. During December 2012, Air France passengers will be informed about the dangers of counterfeiting via an in-cabin movie and an editorial in the corporate newsletter. A health passport will also be available indicating health precautions to be taken when traveling and staying abroad.


What you should know about the dangers of counterfeit medicines


According to the World Health Organization, 10% of the global medicine market consists of counterfeit products.
Their presence may be low in industrialized countries, but can reach 20 to 30% in certain countries in Africa, Asia and South America. All types of medication are concerned, including those indicated for serious diseases such as cancer, and cardiovascular and infectious diseases.
A counterfeit drug may be inactive and ineffective for treating or preventing a disease but it can also be toxic and lead to serious side effects.
In any case, these products are a danger to the health of patients.

Counterfeit medicines in figures

27 million falsified medical products were discovered by customs in the European Union in 2011(1):

9 times more than in 2010!

Over 50% of drugs sold on the internet are counterfeit(2).

(1) LEEM (July 2012) - (2) OMS (December 2011)




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