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Our Company - Contributing with pride and passion, beyond expectations

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Cambodia: Opening of sanofi-aventis’ new subsidiary


April 11, 2011 


New sanofi-aventis subsidiary in Cambodia

The Group continues to step up its presence in Southeast Asia with the opening of the new Cambodian subsidiary on March 2011. Sanofi-aventis is also present in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia.

Sanofi-aventis’ main business in Cambodia will be to import, promote and distribute more than 70 pharmaceutical products and vaccines addressing key therapeutic areas (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, internal medicine, pediatrics, infectious diseases and public health). And as a healthcare partner, sanofi-aventis will actively participate in various medical education programs in Cambodia, as well as undertake corporate humanitarian actions.


Dynamics of Emerging Markets

This is an important miles-stone in the development and growth of the Group in the emerging markets (1). Sanofi-aventis has been present in these markets for many years. This location helps to assure its presence in markets where it has nearly 40,000 employees (2) across production sites and clinical development units. In 2010, these emerging markets (1) - one of sanofi-aventis’ six growth platforms - contributed 29.9% to Group sales and are becoming the largest contributors per region. To support this dynamic, sanofi-aventis has opted for a regional organization, by decentralizing responsibilities to hubs that are closer to markets and distribution centers. This approach favors strategies that are tailored to the different maturity rates of each market, and to the specific characteristics of local healthcare schemes.



1. Emerging markets : World less North America, Western Europe, Japan and Australia/New Zealand

2. As of December 2010


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