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Investors - Ensuring sustainable growth
Investors - Ensuring sustainable growth


Ensuring sustainable growth

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Definitions beginning with the letter C


CAC 40

The CAC 40 is a Paris Bourse index that tracks average share price trends for 40 of France’s largest and most active companies from the full range of business sectors.

Capital Gain/Capital Loss

A capital gain arises when the selling price of a share is greater than its purchase price; a capital loss arises when the selling price is less than the purchase price. If the gain/loss is expressed after deducting transaction charges, it is referred to as “net”.

Certificat d'immobilisation

Prior to the reform of December 11, 2006, French company law required holders of bearer shares wishing to participate in a company's general meeting to obtain a document known as a certificat d’immobilisation from their financial intermediary as proof of their status as a shareholder of the company. The new legislation establishes the "record date" system. To participate in a general meeting shareholder now has to provide proof of his status by recording his shares in his name on the third business day prior to the general meeting. This must be proven by a shareholding certificate called attestation de participation.


Accounting method that enables the financial position of the various companies within a group of companies to be presented as though it were that of a single company.

Corporate Governance

Set of recommendations intended to improve the effectiveness of a company’s management. Sanofi is committed to adapt its governance rules to deliver quality shareholder information and transparency. The corporate governance pages of our website include a statement about differences between our policies and New York Stock Exchange corporate governance rules.

Custody Fees

Financial intermediaries charge a fee for providing custody and administrative services in respect of securities held by their clients. Fully registered Sanofi shareholders are exempt from custody fees and routine administration fees.


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