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Pharmaceuticals in the environment (PIE)

Pharmaceuticals found in the environment due to human activity — such as the use of medicines — raise concerns about their potential impact on human health and the planet. Sanofi adopts a proactive environmental strategy that spans the entire life cycle of our products including:

  • contributing to advancing scientific research on the impact of PIE
  • limiting environmental impacts of our products
  • carrying out environmental risk assessments
  • encouraging and supporting the proper use of medicines 
  • contributing to take-back programs for the collection and safe disposal of unused medicines

Water management

The Company focuses particular attention on the challenge of preventing pharmaceuticals from entering the aquatic environment. Pharmaceuticals may end up in the environment due to effluents from manufacturing facilities, medicines consumed by patients and the excreted and the improper disposal of unused and expired medicines.



Sanofi work to ensure the controlled use of natural plant and wild animal species in research projects to discover new medicines; the fair distribution of benefits resulting from the use of naturel resources; and the preservation of biodiversity surrounding the Company’s sites and beyond, particularly in fragile or protected zones.

For more information:CSR Report 2015


Main sources and pathways of pharmaceutical residues in the environment


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