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Workforce and career development

The Sanofi academies

Sanofi’s learning centers and academies help employees develop their expertise and discover new ways of working.


Some examples:

  • The Launch Excellence (LEx) Academy was established in 2014 to embed launch capabilities within the organization and ensure operational launch excellence, helping to give Sanofi a competitive advantage in the marketplace by teaching employees marketing-savvy skills and capabilities
  • The Market Access (MAx) Academy was created in 2015 with a focus on strategic capability building, collaborative problem solving with MAx colleagues, and knowledge building of Max with our internal colleagues across the Regulatory, Marketing and R&D functions. By late 2015, the MAx Academy had conducted 48 training sessions for more than 800 employees
  • The Sanofi Digital Academy, since 2015, helps familiarize our employees with the digital universe. The employees can access the platform anytime and anywhere

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