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Patient safety


We contribute to the Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI) WEB-RADR project, which evaluates the use of mobile devices and social media to improve the reporting of suspected adverse drug reactions by patients.

The project also explores how these tools may be used to detect potential safety issues related to medicines, or to improve interactions with healthcare professionals and patients.



Sanofi launched a ‘Quality Fundamentals’ e-training module setting out 10 quality principles to ensure that all Sanofi employees understand the benefits of quality and apply these principles in their daily work. By the end of 2015, 65% of the entire Sanofi workforce had completed the e-learning program.


Quality fundamentals

Counterfeit medicines

At the Sanofi Central Anti-Counterfeit Laboratory (LCAC) in Tours, France, a dedicated team of specialists uses state-of-the-art technologies to analyze suspect product samples found on the market, as well as packaging and product inserts.

Since it opened in 2008, the LCAC has recorded more than 30,000 entries in order to analyze potential counterfeit products.

For more information:  CSR report 215


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