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Ethics in R&D

How do clinical trials work?

Our R&D practices are continuously challenged by the pace of change in scientific innovation, the increasing globalization of our research activities and the need to comply with constantly-evolving regulatory requirements. We embed this approach in our practices to ensure the responsible use of animals in research and production processes and support ethical conduct in clinical development involving patients and healthy subjects.



Created in 2012, the Sanofi Bioethics Committee (BEC) determines the Company’s position on bioethics policies that guide the implementation of our R&D strategy:

  • establishing a common definition and framework for bioethics at Sanofi
  • ensuring that R&D continually assesses and updates emerging bioethics issues that arise in the course of its operations
  • ensuring that respect for human dignity and human rights are upheld in all our R&D activities
  • discussing potential issues and findings with relevant stakeholders

Currently, the BEC is focusing in particular: a greater emphasis on ethics in clinical trials, biotechnologies, animal protection, access to natural substances and respect for biodiversity.


Ensuring free and informed consent of clinical trial participants

Sanofi processes are designed to assure that all study participants (patients and healthy subjects, or their legal representatives) enrolled in any clinical trial we conduct have given their free and informed consent to participate in the trial, based on clear, complete information that is written in an understandable, non-technical style.

For more information:  CSR report 2015


Overview of clinical trials in 2015

In 2015, we conducted 197 clinical trials, 150 of which were conducted by Sanofi Pharma and the remaining 47 by Sanofi Pasteur.


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