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Business ethics

We are committed to upholding ethical principles and behaving with integrity in our activities to preserve the trust of the patients and the communities we serve, in a way that is ethical, sustainable and creates long-term value we establish and enforce clear rules in accordance with the legislative framework in each country where we operate, and we implement rigorous in-house systems to prevent violations of internal rules.

Our business ethics framework

Protecting patients' privacy

We have established robust in-house policies governing our relations with these key stakeholders—in particular, a policy on interactions with patients, patient advocates and groups. Sanofi receives personal health data from patients (for example from patients enrolled in clinical trials) all over the world, and we respect the highly confidential character of such information. We apply the highest standards for the protection of personal data, including the European Personal Data Protection Directive 95/46 EC and the United States HIPAA Privacy Rule in addition to local rules. To implement and enforce these rules, Sanofi’s Global Privacy Officer has established a number of policies, procedures and tools.

For more information:CSR Report 2015


Ensuring the ethical conduct of our suppliers

We are committed to applying CSR principles in our procurement activities by prioritizing the selection of goods and services that are produced and provided in compliance with demanding environmental, social and ethical principles. Our responsible procurement strategy is an integral part of our supply chain. We carefully monitor the quality of raw materials that go into making our products, and also the practices of our suppliers and we expect suppliers to meet the standards set out in the Sanofi Suppliers’ Code of Conduct.

For more information:CSR Report 2015


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